Free to Speak pamphlet
Your church and youth group can promote greater clarity and freedom for all students by distributing this powerful pamphlet. There are 50 pamphlets in a packet.

It helps parents, students, and educators learn seven freedoms of religious expression on a public school campus.
If it is too late for your church to use the pamphlets for Religious Freedom Day (January 16), you can order them to use any time.

CLICK HERE for a close up view of the pamphlet.

Additionally, as part of the campaign, the Alliance Defending Freedom has donated its time to the campaign by offering to send a personalized, six-page letter to the school officials of your choice. It clarifies students' and teachers' religious liberties. (You will have an opportunity to give the name and address information as part of the check-out process).

Note: When determining "quantity" remember that pamphlets come bundled in sets of 50. Therefore, when ordering a quantity of 1, you will receive 1 set of 50 pamphlets. A quantity of 2 = 100 pamphlets, 3 = 150 pamphlets, etc.

Shipping / handling on first unit is $4. Add $1 per unit thereafter for shipping.

PLEASE NOTE: The combination of your total order and / or donation must total at least $15.

CLICK HERE for a close up view of the pamphlet.

(800) 929-1163

Price: $9.00

Quantity Discounts
1 - 1  = $9.00 each
2 - 100  = $7.00 each
Shipping costs:
First item:  = $4.00
Add'l items:  = $1.00 each


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