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National Free to Speak Campaign

Gateways to Better Education and the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) have teamed up to help churches equip families with information on students' and teachers' freedom of religious expression in their public schools.

Two important things will happen because of your church's involvement. YOU WILL:

1. Equip your students and congregation. Gateways has created a pocket-sized pamphlet entitled Free to Speak. It quotes the U.S. Department of Education statements clarifying seven important religious freedoms on public school campuses. There are 50 pamphlets in a set.

2. Bring clarity on the issue for local school officials. The Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) has created a detailed letter and stands Alliance Defense Fund logoready to send it to school officials you designate. They have donated their time to the campaign by offering to send this letter to one school official for every set of pamphlets you order for your church, Sunday school, Youth group, or campus Bible club. You will be able to designate the schools as part of your ordering process. (Your name will not be mentioned in the letter.) 


Here's a simple way to equip your congregation, and impact your local schools with just a two-minute pulpit announcement:

  1. Put a Free to Speak pamphlet in each church bulletin.
  2. Honor and pray for the educators in your congregation.
  3. Have stacks of the Free to Speak pamphlet in your church foyer for people to give to students, teachers, and friends during the week.
  4. Let them know that because of your church's participation, school principals in your local schools will be receiving a six-page letter from ADF clarifying students' and teachers' freedom of religious expression.

For example, if your church has 200 people in its worship service and 30 students in its children's and youth programs, we recommend you order one for each bulletin (200), 100 extra to place in the church foyer, and 10 for each student to give away at school (300), for a total order of 600 pamphlets (12 packets of 50 pamphlets. You can, then, designate twelve school officials to receive the special letter from an ADF attorney. (Note: if another church in your community designates the same school official that you select, we will have ADF send the letter to a nearby school official who has not yet been selected. This will avoid duplication and expand the impact of the campaign.)

Click Here to Order Now

Order pamphlets and designate the schools you want to receive the ADF letter. (To order by telephone, call (800) 929-1163 M-F 8am to 5pm Pacific.)




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