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Our district is writing a policy to promote a safe environment for all students on campus. They plan on including “sexual orientation” in the policy. What can I say to counter this seemingly-tolerant policy?

I see the inclusion of "sexual orientation" as a major point, not a minor concession.

The problem is that gay activists will use this to further their agenda. Their first step is simply having language in place to promote a "safe environment." However, a school which does that is only a lawsuit away from the claim that the school is not "safe" because gay students feel discriminated against and oppressed by a "climate of hostility." They will claim this because gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgenders are not represented in textbooks, reading lists, school calendars (Coming-Out Day and Gay Pride Month), and social activities. Any discussion of homosexuality being anything other than a normal and equivalent alternative to heterosexual relations will be seen as creating a hostile environment.

Furthermore, in order to implement the "safe schools" policy, it could easily mean that all students must change their views about homosexuality in order to foster a more tolerant and safe atmosphere.

If a student talks to a teacher about sexually confusing feelings, and that educator recommends the student seek out therapy which guides him away from homosexuality, the local gay activist can (and will) argue that the school is discriminating. 

The law already mandates that schools maintain safe environments. Adding "sexual orientation" to the policy doesn't legally improve anything. It only helps gay activists advance their goal of greater social affirmation. School officials can be vigilant against all forms of harassment and insult without giving political activists this "foot-in-the-door" opportunity.

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