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Questions & Answers
Can students pray and tell their friends about Jesus at school?

While volunteering in class recently I heard a child ask the teacher why the school has a moment of silence. Her answer wasn't very good in giving the students direction in how to use the time. Exactly how should the teacher have answered the student?

What is the best way to talk to a teacher or principal about a concern?

What is the best way to challenge the use of a schoolbook that I think is inappropriate?

My child's school library is putting up a display promoting "Banned Books Week." What do you think about this?

My son's middle school is having an assembly on respect for homosexuality. What do you recommend I do?

How do you suggest my husband and I instill patriotism in our children?

Our school goes “all out” with Halloween. I'd like to say something, but am not sure how to approach it. Any ideas?

How do I restore traditional holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter to the classroom?

The principal at my child’s school says that if they teach about Christian holidays, they must give equal time to teaching about all holidays. How can I respond?

 I'd like to provide my son's science teacher with credible alternatives to evolution. What do you suggest?

Our district is writing a policy to promote a safe environment for all students on campus. They plan on including “sexual orientation” in the policy. What can I say to counter this seemingly-tolerant policy?

I am concerned about what my 4th-grade child is learning in her classroom. Do I have the right to look at the material she is exposed to and if so, how do I go about getting it?

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