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Sample Religious Freedom Day Resolution for Civic Leaders

Whereas, the right to religious freedom is a pillar of America society, and

Whereas, our Founding Fathers knew the importance of freedom of religion for a stable democracy, and our Constitution protects the free exercise of religion, and

Whereas, January 16th celebrates the anniversary of the 1786 Virginia Statute on Religious Freedom that restrained the practice of taxing people to pay for the support of the local clergy, and protected the civil rights of people to express their religious beliefs without suffering discrimination, and

Whereas, each year the President of the United States declares January 16th to be “Religious Freedom Day,” and calls upon Americans to “observe this day through appropriate events and activities in homes, schools, and places of worship,” and

Therefore, [ ________________ ] proclaims January 16, [Year], as Religious Freedom Day in [city or county] and ask all citizens to observe the day.

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